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Joseph Moore Headshot

Joseph E. Moore


Civil and Trial Practice; Real Estate; Corporation; Administrative Practice; Probate; Zoning and Land Use Law.

Ray Shockley Headshot

Raymond C. Shockley

Real Estate, Corporation, Probate.

Joe Harrison Headshot

Joseph G. Harrison, Jr.


Civil and Trial Practice; Real Estate; Corporation; Administrative.

J. Richard Collins

General Civil and Trial Practice; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Construction Law; Business Law; Condominium Law. Counsel to various state and national non-profit organizations.

Regan Smith Headshot

Regan James Reno Smith


Real Estate; Corporation; Probate; Estate Planning; Zoning Law.

Chris Woodley Headshot

Christopher T. Woodley


Civil and Trial Practice; Real Estate; Condominium/Homeowners Association Law; Zoning Law; Landlord/Tenant; Corporation; Estate Planning; Probate.

Chris Mason Headshot

Chris S. Mason


Personal Injury; Civil Litigation; Business and Commercial Litigation; Real Estate Transactions; Estate Planning.

Morgan Fisher Headshot

Morgan Ackerman Fisher


Business Law; Real Estate; Zoning Law; Estate Planning; Probate; Civil and Trial Practice.
*Licensed to Practice in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia

Peter Buas Headshot

Peter Spiro Buas


Civil and Trial Practice; Real Estate; Zoning Law; Landlord/Tenant; Corporation; Business Law; Administrative Practice.